The Mawkaw Magkong (Plasums Eradicus) is a creature presumably native to Sakaar, it is sometimes called a "Lava Monster". As its name implies, the Mawkaw Magkong lives only within the hellish depths of the Mawkaw Mountains' remote volcanic caverns.


Although Imperial scientists have been unable to thoroughly study a living magkong specimen, it is believed the creatures are enormous unicellular organisms lacking any sort of spine or central nervous system and consisting solely of a large cell nucleus surrounded by cytoplasm.

It is their fireproof plasma membrane that allows the magkongs to survive in their magma environment and gives them their burning appearance.


First discovered in the year 515 post by soldiers of the newly formed imperial empire who were exploring the Mawkaw's volcanoes in search of a new base of operations in their war against the Spikes, the territorial magkongs incinerated any soldier foolish enough to venture too close to the subterranean magma rivers.

Despite the fact that magkongs were discovered prior to the appearance of the Great Portal some Sakaarian scientists still maintain that the magkongs originated off-planet due to their dissimilarity with any other known species on Sakaar; hoever, these scientists offer no explanation as to how the magkongs would have arrived on Sakaar. Today the empire usually feeds disobedient gladiators and slaves to magkongs as a form of punishment.