The Great Devil Corker (Cavaranthus Mazorus) is a powerful predator native to upper vandro region of Sakaar.


An elongated arachnid species of ancient origin, the devil corkers have evolved little over the millennia. Of their four pairs of segmented legs, the first pair are pincer-like and used to both dig burrows and masticate food.

It has eith eyes, a spiked projectile tongue, and four prehensile tentacles that it useses to drag its prey into its tooth-filled mouth.


Devil corkers spend most of their time buried under the sandy soil of the plains, biding their time until unsuspecting prey traverses the ground above them. It is only then that the devil corkers burst forth from their subterranean dens and attack their victims.

Cultural ImpactEdit

It is both loathed and feared as one of the planets most ferocious land predators. Because of its many terrifying attributes it has become the subject of nightmares of many children throughout the empire.

Ever since the Native civilization first rose in the Chaleen plains, the Natives have lived in constant fear of devil corker attacks, prompting Natives to never traverse the plains in groups of less than eight.

Today, the devil corkers terrorize both Natives and Imperials alike. Although the Empire once tasked the Death's Head Guard with the mission of eradicating this loathsome species, the Empire has since refocused its attention on the Emperor's war.


What few devil corkers that the Empire manages to capture alive are taken to the Great Arena to entertain onlookers at the "Great Games".


  • In the animated feature based on Planet Hulk, the creatures are effectively merged with the Mawkaw Magkong for dramatic effect.