Fillia was the first Imperial kingdom founded, and the last to resist being conqured by the Father Emperor until it was annexed in the year 500 Post after a costly four year war, marking the birth of the First Sakaarian Empire. Although the Fillians faithfull served the Empire during the Spike War, many local Fillians began to question the Empire's authority in the years following the war.

Relations between fillia and the Empire grew increasingly worse from then, with the Red King suspecting the Fillians of secretly plotting against him and harboring anti-empire terrorists. Tensions came to a head when an imperial pleasure cruiser was shot out of the sky near the fillian city of I'tjam in 560 Post, killing all on board.

Despite the fact taht eyewitnesses claimed to have seen wildebots fire at the Pleasure Cruiser, the Red King was convinced it was a group of Fillian Rebels that shot it down. The Red King ussed the tragedy as an excuse to go to war against his own province, and the Fillians immediately declared their intention to leave the empire and establish themselves as an independent nation